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Frequently Asked Questions

False alarms are very costly and take police officers away from responding to actual emergency situations. The City of Morgan Hill has enacted an Ordinance (8.48 - Burglary and Robbery Alarm System Regulations) in an effort to make alarm users aware of this problem and mitigate the resource burden that false alarms place on its Police Department.

The accidental, unintended, inadvertent or erroneous activation of an alarm indicating that there is a crime in progress at an alarm site, or the unintended activation of an alarm through equipment malfunction, when no crime or other physical emergency has actually occurred. A false alarm response means that a police officer was actually dispatched to the scene. Cancellation of the request for response prior to dispatching a police officer shall not be considered a false alarm response.

No. Registration of your alarm system is optional. An alarm owner has the option to register his/her alarm system online for no fee

No, you will never be charged for an alarm activation that is not false. This ordinance allows charges for false alarms only.

False alarm (FA) activations within a 365 day period will result as follows:

1st False Alarm      No Charge 

2nd False Alarm     $180.00

Every FA after the 2nd will also be charged a fee of $180.00.


False fire alarms penalties are billed on a separate fee schedule. For more detail on the city's Fire Alarm Ordinance (Chapter 8.49) click here.

False fire alarm activations within a rolling 365 days:

1st-3rd False Fire Alarm $0.00

4th False Fire Alarm $100.00

5th False Fire Alarm $200.00

6th+ False Fire Alarm $500.00

Yes, you can pay for any fees due on your account via this website by clicking on the home tab and logging in with credentials initiated by Alarm Program Systems and secured by the alarm user. 

Morgan Hill False Alarm Management Website

*Submit a written request/statement as to why you feel the charge and/or occurrence should be waived or removed from your account, along with any supporting documentation (police reports, alarm company documentation, etc)

*Submit via email using the Contact Us page.

*Be sure to include Permit License #, alarm location address, and incident date(s) in question. 

*Submit within fifteen (15) calendar days of the notice imposing the charge.

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